Thursday, February 23, 2006

Badly Punned: Please protest something imPORTant....

America: the ADHD nation

The uproar over port control in US is just absolutely ridiculous. It is a perfect example of (1) liberals finally finding a consensus subject which they can milk in an election year to gain favor with the American public and (2) conservatives finding a consensus subject to regain squandered favor with the American public.

This is all politics, and bad politics at that.

So, here we are, nearing five years after 9-11 (the last time there was such cohesion among Dems and R-pubs), and there is once again collusion. Let's reflect a bit. There has been numerous torture allegations, CIA prison scandals, a war that has made our country more universally hated around the world, a CIA leak used for political gain, spiralling quality of education, abonimable economic practices, illegal NSA spying, and the list goes on. All of these things are issues that have a significant effect on the safety, competitiveness, and peace of the United States of America. There is not one of these issues that is not directly pertinent to every American and his/her desire to gauranty his/her well-being.

Yet, Dems and R-pubs have come together to battle the president on the one thing that has, if any, very little to do with national security!

This isn't the first time we've mentioned this, but the more we look at websites like and (sites we read/appreciate quotidiennement) the more we get sick to our stomach. We get the impression that all liberals are opposed to it because Bush is for it, and liberals are always desparate to undermine what Bush is doing, if anything, on the principle of being so very revolted by everything he is to them.

Onegoodmove even has a link to the AFL-CIO which reiterates the same seemingly baseless concerns about terrorism:
But while much of the outrage over the impending port contract has focused on the potential for increased terrorism, there is another outrage factor at work: Greed.
We have yet to find one article/video that gives reason to claims that Dubai Ports would pose a serious terrorism threat:
The Dubai firm wouldn't be handling security — the U.S. Coast Guard would continue to do that; unionized American longshoremen would still to do all of the loading and unloading; the ports in question were already foreign-owned, as are countless other ports in the United States; and if the U.S. had rejected the Dubai bid, a Singapore firm would probably have gotten the contract from the Brits instead.

Democratic and Republican politicians respond by insisting that the UAE is a bad country full of bad Muslims and Arabs, while Britain is a nice country where everyone likes us. I'm as Anglophile as they come, but you might have noticed that Britain has a surfeit of jihadi nut bags, such as the guys who blew up the Underground and want to behead Danish cartoonists.

Besides, the same Dubai company bought CSX's American port business in 2005, and nobody seemed to care then. So, why now?
We are in no way fans of Bush, but the Americans among us at the B&G are at least reasonable enough to support him in doing things that are good (or at least not bad). We have no reason to believe that the Dubai company poses a threat, and the fact that it's causing so much cooperation between liberals and conservatives against el presidente.

They should be standing together against things that matter, like bad education and torture.

This is ludicrous.

Then again, maybe we'll eat our words one day.

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