Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A comforting new addition...this is NOT a partisan issue...

You will see at the right, a handsome new counter that shows, 24 hours a day, the mounting costs of the war in Iraq (part of the "global struggle against the enemies of freedom"). We know there's so many freedom-lovers out there that are going to think that we're just another group of peace junkies out for another hit, but I encourage everyone to go to the National Priorities Project website and see for yourselves. There, one will find a wealth of interactive comparison tools where he/she can see how that money, otherwise spent, could have been used: pre-school, kid's health, public education, college scholarships, public housing, world hunger, AIDS epidemic, and world immunizations. Not to mention, one can see in real time how much money is being spent locally in most cities in the US. Being from one of the poorest states in the US with an education system that annually ranks as one of the worst in the country, our two American correspondants are particularly peeved.

We encourage all of you to check this out. More so, post this code to your site for a counter. Furthermore, if you want, they'll set up an LED sign on the main street of your neighborhood, if you so choose.

We hope that people reading this, don't see this as a partisan issue. This war is a mess. It's disgusting, and it's dangerous. On top of that our military budget is ludicrous. All the peace-junkies and all God's Christian soldiers should do what they can to end this.


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