Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Democracy on the March!

Just four days ago, the United States gained more spaces in the World Press Freedom Ranking. The interntaional organization Reporters sans Frontières (known in English as Reporters without Frontiers and in American as Liberal Frogs Bitter About American Awesomeness, or LiFroBitABAA) gave America what it deserved: twenty more spots, taking it from a measely 24 spots to a rocking 44 spots!

Finally, that gives the US of A more spots than:

El Salvador
Cape Verde
South Africa
Bosnia and Herzegovina
South Korea
Hong Kong
Costa Rica

The B&G doesn't want to discriminate against people from, say, Mali (we're big fans of Rokia Traoré) or Bosnia and Herzegovina (some of us have visited, and you're very nice people), but you know America's wicked coolness deserves more spots than you.

Come on we're America.

We at The B&G have read up on this whole Democracy thing, and we realize that, essentially it came as a result of the spreading of information to the common man as a result of technological advances in printing between the 15th and 18th centuries that made the production of large amounts of written material cheaper and thusly more widespread. We recognize the distinct and inseperable connection between the press and democracy.

For instance, look at the origin of our name. Mr. Joseph Addison is one of the forerunners of modern journalism.

So, congratulations America on a job well done. Keep on moving up that chart. We'll show Denmark how it's done! We'll be that beacon of hope for the rest of the world. Fear not World! Fear not!

Oh crap...wait a minute...something's not right here.


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