Friday, October 28, 2005

Some sobering facts....

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I don't know what the situation in the states is right now, but the word on the rue is that an announcement will be made in about 4 hours concerning a CIA leak investigation.

Regardless of who is indicted or not indicted, the real issue is that there is still a war that a lot of us don't believe in. True, there may be good that comes of it (a democratic Iraq) and no one will ever know if it would have come about otherwise, but the fact is that this war has made Americans less safe, billions of dollars are being poured out, and we have now lost 2,008 soldiers.

I say this again, as I've said before, this is not a partisan issue. Not just for what is happening in now, but for all other battles in the future, we have to realize that war is less and less efective. I'm not saying this because I am a "liberal", I'm saying it because I'm a person. My life is being put in danger by people that have the ability to go to war in my name.

I'm not saying we have to pull out right now. I'm saying we have to tame the people in charge of the "global struggle against violent extremism." We need to be reasonable.

To combat terrorism as we have been doing is like treating a broken arm with pain killers, which is say, sure, it will help some of the problems, but it in the long run it's not so great.


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