Monday, November 21, 2005

Chinese cars, just the quality you expect from China (Crash Test Video)

First of all, sorry we've been away for some time. There has been much sickness and frustration in Paris, so our beloved Editor has been unable to keep up with the sheer amount of earth-shattering information we have provided.

We come back with news from the great land of China. Once known for discovering gunpowder and inventing paper, the printing press, compasses, etc., etc. hundreds and sometimes thousands of years before people did in the West (or even Middle East), the “Middle Kingdom” is now known for crappy toys that are more fragile than a flower locked in an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus and seem to tumble to pieces as soon as they touch the air outside of the package.

As the LA Times explained today, the Chinese are moving into a new market, or at least moving that market over to the West. This market is, of course, automobiles. With poetic names like Landwind (whatever that means), these cars are bursting to be sold in the West, and I mean that literally. The first crash-test of the Landwind (precursor to the Mountainsnow, and Riverbreeze) scored a big, fat ZERO the day before it was to be presented in a German car show.

When I saw the videos on the news, the German crash test inspector said, "Well, um, I've never seen a worse crash test in my entire career."

I figured I’d present the crash videos here for you guys to see:

From the Inside

From the outisde


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