Saturday, February 25, 2006

ports, liars, and hacks

Again, Crooksandliars, Onegoodmove, why aren't you showing any of this? If it's just because you've already jumped the gun and shown that you're just generally against anything that Bush does, because he does it, then you've shown that your hacks.

Sorry. We read your sites every day, and we appreciate what you do, but you're doing no service to your country or to the world if you proceed like this.

So, do you care more about Bush being out of office or about doing what's in the best interests of the world? If it's the latter, you should be ready and willing to support the president in what he does right. If that's not the case, "wingnuts" are never going to try to reach out to the left because they'll start with the assumption that the left will automatically be against them on principle.

"Why Dubai is Good for US business," Christian Science Monitor:
True, the United Arab Emirates - where Dubai stands out as a modern city-state on par with Singapore and Monaco - was home to the man, Marwan al Shehhi, who piloted United Airlines Flight 175 into the second World Trade Center tower. But our key frontline ally in fighting terror today, Pakistan, was home to a lot worse. True, bad banking went on in the UAE, some of which funneled money to the 9/11 hijackers, but money laundering is not unique to Arab countries. True, Dubai was the distribution hub of rogue Pakistani scientist A.Q. Khan's nuclear black market. But truer still is the cooperation Dubai's intelligence officials gave the US in helping unravel Dr. Khan's network.

...Dubai's business environment is the Middle East's only meritocracy. Young men and women compete openly with ideas and ambitions to make their nation a model example for Muslim societies besieged by high unemployment, low literacy rates, bad trade policies, and authoritarian political structures. They run businesses transparently, with integrity and with an increasingly democratic and accountable corporate culture.

...It is hypocritical for America to want democracy in the Middle East, to champion capitalism as the best economic framework while pushing for reform, transparency, and anticorruption practices in its businesses, and then turn protectionist when a Dubai-owned company turns up on our shores having played the capitalist takeover game responsibly and transparently.

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