Friday, February 10, 2006

Spurious George....

We must note, to begin, we're not an anti-Bush journal. We don't think he's evil. We scoff at Hitler signs we see at protests. It just happens that, on a consistent basis, we find his actions to be on the wrong side of good, and we don't mean just over the line. We mean that his actions, words, percieved intentions tend to be almost without fail in the worst interests for America and the World.

We're open to suggestion. Until then, we hold that Bush is, and never was, fit to be an American president. The leader of the "free world" who strolls through the neighborhood giving out wiretaps instead of, say, vauchers for good schools.

It's hard for us just to say that, but we're trying to be clear that we're open to suggestions. Bush is human. He makes mistakes....

*red face*.....

And all that's so wrong right now in the US is not his doing.

*pursed lips*......

But a large goddamn part of it is made worse by him. There we said it!

Why the new rant today? Well, this. Another CIA official has come out and criticized the Bush Administration's decision to go into Iraq. So here's the tally:

Mike Scheuer:
The US invasion of Iraq was a "tremendous gift" to Osama bin Laden and a major setback in the struggle against al-Qaeda
Gary Schroen (when asked if he thought that Iraq was a distraction and if it was limiting our ability to secure Afghanistan, along with catching Osama):
I absolutely do. Afghanistan gets a distant second on all aspects, whether it's going to be military or aid that's going to be given to the country. Afghanistan is--the elections were successful. There is a beginning of democracy there. It's very fragile. The--but I think the entire population wants peace. It's a matter of how they share the pie. And we could do a lot more to bring that democracy to full birth if we would focus more attention, more money on [Afghanistan]...At this point, unfortunately, the Iraqi situation has gotten so large that it's become a major issue that has to be dealt with. I think, though, that ultimately we owe it to Afghanistan and to ourselves to end this al-Qaeda threat there and defeat the Taliban completely and let that country move forward so it doesn't become a safe haven for terrorism again.
These are the only two whom we know of right off the top of our heads, but let's not neglect the fact that the National Intelligence Council prepared reports urging against an invasion and presented them to the president before going into Iraq. Also, let's not neglect the absence of Intelligence offiicials who haven't come out to support the war, as well as the fact that those who have come out have been those who were directly responsible for the Osama/Al-Qaeda/Middle East branches of the CIA.

And now, to add to the list, Paul R. Pillar has come out with less than flattering remarks for the administration. What are his credentials? He was only the "was the national intelligence officer for the Near East and South Asia from 2000 to 2005" and a 28 year veteran of the CIA.

Take a look at the article.

We don't like to dwell on the past, but sometimes one has to clear up the past to move on to the future. How many CIA officials have to come out and say, "Yes, the intelligence was faulty, but we also didn't tell them to go into Iraq. We told them the opposite!" There is no reason to say that this war was justified. None of the claims have been justified.

That said, there is good that can be done. The United States could help foster (not force) a democracy. That's all for the future.

I'm tired. I can't write anymore.

The B&G's been talking too much politics lately. We need some more material.

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