Friday, December 30, 2005

Slowly awakening after a hibernation....

Voila. Though it's just started snowing in Paris today, we're slowly starting to wake up from our slumber. The last three months of 2005 have brought a lot of stress and frustration to our dear beleaguered Commander-in-Chief.

Yeah, Bush too, but we're talking about Robo.

The Bow and Grimace will be back, but there will probably be a slight change in content. No, actually, the subject matter will stay largely the same, but the focus will be a little different. We can't tell how, that's a surprise.

We're not going to jump right back into the daily rote just yet, though. There's still a lot of things to get done before the end of the first week of January, but we've got some good stories lined up for you, like terrarism (no that is not mispelled), French Cultural Patriotism v. American Awesomeness Patriotism, and the Chinese might be reading Fanfan's mail.

For now, I just read something about Iran. This is a good thought for the beginning of 2006. Those wacky, wacky Germans, what'll they think of next? Potato pancakes? A female Chancellor? Yeah right, that would be like a female, atheist, socialist President in, say, Chile.

Der Spiegel Online : "U.S. Reportedly Planning 2006 Attack on Iran."


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