Monday, February 13, 2006

Bill Hicks on creationism and fundamentalism...

This is the legendary philoso-comedian Bill Hicks. One of the funniest, most sarcastic jokesters who ever lived. He died, I believe, about ten years ago (that's why he mentions Bush 1 being voted out of the white house).

Hicks is the voice on the last song of Tool's Aenima album, if you're familiar with it.

We've referenced Bill Hicks several times. Most recently we referenced his comments on evolution, which are in this video.

Warning: there's naughty langauge in the video.

The views of Bill Hicks do not represent the religious views of the Bow and Grimace, however, they do represent our humanist views. That said, as usual, we are not mocking religions, religious, or God... Just certain people's views thereof.

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