Saturday, January 07, 2006

How the World Works

By accident, while doing some research today, we came across the business/commerce related version of what we hope The Bow and Grimace can one day become (after our current revamping). You may say, "What other side of globalization is there that isn't related to business and commerce." To that, we'd say, "Exactly, our point."

Ask our namesake, old man Addison, for a hint. It's probably the only timeless aspect of globalization.

It's a column at written by Andrew Leonard called "How the World Works." Right off from the first article, as of this writing, he references nobel prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz (whom we've referenced several times) and talks about his positive view of globalization.

The Bow and Grimace is hopelessly globalized, and we like it that way. We just want everyone else to see it too.

For anyone who enjoyed Thomas Friedman's new book The World is Flat will enjoy this.

Not to mention that he has several articles focusing on China and Taiwan, which are particular interests of ours.

This is a well balanced view of international relations, and the benefits of globalization.


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