Friday, January 13, 2006

Oh, you whacky Taiwanese...

(Photo from the BBC article cited below...we have not yet purchased any flourescent pigs)

In light of South Korea's recent scientific shocker, we were sort of down about the prospects of stem cell advancement. This is largely because Asia seems to us to be the only place in the world which in general has no religious barriers to jump in studying things like stem-cells. Learning that the Korean discovery was all a hoax, left us thinking, "If only a country (or quasi-country) could create a group of flourescent pigs so as to study the human diseases and how they act in our, that would be cool."

Low and behold, the Lord hath smiled upon us, and on the tiny island "nation" once called Formosa. God said, "Let there be flourescent pigs, so that man may track the diseases I created which kill the other things I created. And it was good."

NOTE: "God" is not used here in it's Biblical context. We are simply narrating for the imaginary Jerry Falwell/Pat Robertson/Freddy Phelps "God" who assasinates Latin American dictators, makes milkshakes, aids terrorists because he hates certain people, wipes out Swedish people with a tsunami for not hating gay people, and smites towns for voting against intelligent design.

That God is really funny with the prophets he chooses.


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