Thursday, February 16, 2006

Shut up about art, stupid hippies....Lessons in Harmony

There's a John Lennon exhibit here in Paris that's actually very interesting, but it's also very angering, in the sense that it reminds me of how tired I am about people saying things like, "Music will save the world."

Do I not believe that? Yes, and that's the problem. I'm just tired of people saying like music will feed people, relieve debt, or something like that. Music won't cure aids, but it will make people want to save others.

Art -- more specifically, music -- can make a change, but you can't just say that without validating it.

This documentary is one of the most touching films I've ever seen, because it's real. It's about a Palestinian-Israeli orchestra formed by Edward Said and Daniel Barenboim.

For now, just check out the videos. They're from the documentary about the orchestra called Lessons in Harmony.

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